ICoTA Webinars increasing in popularity!

It’s fantastic to see how popular our webinars are becoming. Attendee numbers are on the rise and we are reaching more and more people from across the globe.

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Commenting on a recent webinar, an attendee reported that “It was a very clear and informative webinar and proves we can continue to share in an effective manner during these unprecedented times.”

As an association, we want to continue to support the industry as much as possible and for a limited time, our webinars are free to members and non-members of ICoTA. The recent recordings can be found below. Please do not distribute these further without our permission. Contact us for more information.

ICoTA Europe Webinar - Evaluating Reservoir & Completion Performance Through Tubing - https://vimeo.com/428154448/4d1491fd6c

ICoTA Canada Webinar - Well Boss - The Evolution of Multi-Stage Fracturing - https://vimeo.com/422852483/7d4d98e397

ICoTA Europe Webinar - OGUK Guidelines - Unlocking Brownfield Resource Opportunities - https://vimeo.com/423510274/d958070649

ICoTA Canada Webinar - DHVI- Wellbore Inspection - https://vimeo.com/428146402/d9299d1077

Details of our next series of webinars will be published here . To make sure you don’t miss out, we’d encourage you to become a member of ICoTA. For more information, visit our Membership Page

We look forward to seeing you all at more virtual events soon!