USA Chapter Lunch & Learn: "Novel Approach to Treatment of Oil & Gas Wells with Solid Chemicals" by Energy & Environmental Services

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Norris Conference Center, 816 Town & Country Blvd. Houston, TX
13th August 2019
11:30am - 1:00pm

With an emphasis on case studies, this bite-size event consistently provides members and their guests with a look at the latest and greatest that the industry has achieved.

Novel Approach to Treatment of Oil & Gas Wells with Solid Chemicals by Donald Lindblad of Energy & Environmental Services

Over the past 20 + years, the oil and gas industry has developed novel ways of developing oil and gas production through the use of horizontal drilling and multistage hydraulic fracturing in formations never thought to be produced before. Of critical importance is the proper application of chemicals within these hydrocarbon and water zones to inhibit them and protect the producing equipment from corrosion, scale formation, Paraffin/Asphaltene deposits, emulsions, and microbial attack. In traditional applications of chemicals, the treatment either does not come in contact to where the problem starts or the treatment does not last long enough to pay for it. The results of a number of field trial trials will be presented in this presentation to demonstrate a novel treatment program developed by Energy & Environmental Services. This exclusive Dry chemical formulation is delivered into the production formation alongside the proppant during the Hydraulic Fracturing process. EES believes this same product can be applied in the Coiled Tubing process as another method to protect the downhole tubing of horizontal wells where these products have not been used and protection is needed. The high activity along with slow release mechanism with these products of typical production chemicals that remain in the formation until activated by contact with the produced fluids. Typical Production chemicals used by the industry are dilutions of chemicals with aromatic solvents or stable emulsions of these chemicals. High activity of these materials in EES products allows the product to solve various production problems as they develop up the production strings.

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