ICoTA's Intervention Technology Award recognizes outstanding technical innovation or application of technology for well intervention. The application of the new intervention technology or technique should demonstrate; reduced risk, increased production, improved safety or minimized environmental impact.

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Intervention Technology Award

How would your business like to get some public recognition at the annual SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference in March?

How about taking a perpetual trophy back to your hard-working team? Submit your technology for the ICoTA Intervention Technology Award and you could do just that.

Recognizing outstanding technical innovation for well intervention, this is an award you want to add to your credentials.

Awarded first in 2007, this highly sought award recognizes both the contribution to innovation and the introduction of new technologies within the well intervention arena.

As of today, it is the most established and longest running award which ICoTA has globally. The aim is to recognize a service company and/or operator for the application of technological innovation in well intervention.

Judged by experienced practitioners in the area of well intervention, this annual award by ICoTA provides recognition to the finalists and supports the Association’s mission: “To enhance communication and knowledge sharing, gather technical expertise and promote safety, competence and industry accepted practices”. Past winners can be seen below.

The successful finalists and winner will be announced at the SPE / ICoTA Well Intervention Conference & Exhibition, to be held each March in The Woodlands, Texas, and will be publicized across the industry. In addition, the winner will be presented with the Intervention Technology Award Perpetual Trophy plus an award to retain.

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Intervention Technology Award Winners

2023 ITA 600x360
March 27, 2023

2023 Intervention Technology Award Winner

Congratulations to DarkVision, recipient of the 2023 Intervention Technology Award, for its HADES-T™ technology.

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2022 ITA 600
March 25, 2022

2022 Intervention Technology Award Winner

Schlumberger has been awarded the 2022 Intervention Technology Award from ICoTA for its Dual-String P&A Barrier Evaluation technology.

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2021 slb 600
March 26, 2021

Schlumberger - ReSOLVE iX Slot Cutter - 2021 Award

Schlumberger has been awarded the 2021 Intervention Technology Award from ICoTA for its ReSOLVE iX Slot Cutter technology.

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IMG 2909
July 6, 2020

Aramco Overseas and Target Intervention - Electrical Well Test Tool - 2020 Award

Aramco and Target Intervention has been awarded the 2020 Intervention Technology Award from ICoTA for its Electrical Well Test Tool.

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2019 Winner 600x360
March 28, 2019

Halliburton - Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™ V) - 2019 Award

Halliburton awarded has been awarded the prestigious Intervention Technology Award from the Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) for its Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™ V).

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2018-Winner-Well Sense
March 28, 2018

Well-SENSE Technology Ltd. - FLI Fiberline Intervention - 2018 Award

Downhole technology specialist, Well-SENSE, has been awarded the prestigious Intervention Technology Award from the Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) for its pioneering FiberLine Intervention (FLI) Technology.

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2017-Winner-Bi SN
March 28, 2017

BiSN - Wel-lok M2M™ Water Shut-Off Tool - 2017 Award

The uniquely developed BiSN technology, branded ‘Wel-lok M2M™’ simply put means sealing the well with metal to metal. It has been run in numerous locations around the world in both on and offshore environments.

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2016-Winner-e Plug
March 22, 2016

E Plug - TorcPlug® Single Trip Multiple Set and Retrieve Bridge Plug Technology - 2016 Award

The TorcPlug® is a barrier plug that can be set and released in the same run (multiple set and release), without having to release from the Plug itself, which is also risk reducing with respect to debris.

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March 25, 2015

Tenaris - BlueCoil Technology - 2015 Award

BlueCoil™ technology is based on new steel designs and new manufacturing processes developed by Tenaris to produce coiled tubing that is stronger and more fatigue and environmentally resistant throughout its structure.

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March 26, 2014

Welltec - Welltec Lateral Intervention Tool WLIT™ - 2014 Award

A tool designed to address the challenges of intervening in multilateral, Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) and Extreme Reservoir Contact (ERC) wells.

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March 26, 2013

Welltec - Well Cutter Tool - 2013 Award

A tool that enables efficient, safe drill pipe, liner, tubing and casing recovery operations without the need for explosives.

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March 27, 2012

Schlumberger - LIVE Digital Slickline Trigger - 2012 Award

Safe, On-Demand, Efficient and Recordable Perforating on Slickline. Presented by Matthew Billingham, Global Domain Champion, Slickline Perforating/Remedial Services, Schlumberger.

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