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At these regular monthly events, networking and lunch are followed by a concise, topical technical presentation. With an emphasis on case studies, this bite-size event consistently provides members and their guests with a look at the latest and greatest that the industry has achieved.

Lunch & Learns are typically held the 2nd Tuesday of every other month. Notifications will go out if one is postponed or cancelled.

We’re starting an offshore section of the ICOTA USA chapter. This section is going to focus on all types of intervention work being performed in the Gulf of Mexico, from new deep water subsea completions to P & A work on the shelf. The goal is to bring to light the existing and new challenges of today’s offshore well intervention industry and help solve these issues by improving communication and promoting technical awareness.

We are accepting abstracts for the 2015 technical luncheon schedule for both Houston and New Orleans / Lafayette.    Contact me if you are interested.

2015 Lunch & Learn Schedule

June 9, 2015 (Houston, TX)

TOPIC: New Developments in E-Line Hydraulic Stroking Tools for Well Interventions
Speaker: Brian Schwanitz, Welltec (Speaker Bio)


Norris Conference Center  [driving directions] and [detailed map]
Pecan Room
816 Town & Country Blvd
Houston, Texas

E-Line hydraulic stroking tools were introduced in 2001 with a simple electro-hydraulic, single stroke tool called the Well Stroker.  It’s first operation was to shift the sleeve of a stuck fluid loss valve in the North Sea with the downhole force of 20,000 lbs to avoid an expensive work-over.  Since then, a family of seven stroking tools have been introduced which now offer a variety of tool sizes, stroke lengths and downhole forces up to 66,000 lbs to locate, latch, pull or push objects in the well  The newest version in development will attain 100,000 lbs with surface monitor and control. 

The current Stroker family has been used to:

  • Manipulate sliding sleeve doors 
  • Mechanically open and close zonal isolation valves and inflow control valves
  • Set straddle packers for water shut-offs
  • Set and retrieve gas-lift valves
  • Retrieve mechanical plugs
  • Fish electric line and slick line tools
  • Set bridge plugs without explosives

But now with the 66,000 lbs tool and the soon to be released 100,000 lb tool, very heavy duty applications are performed, such as removing partially set bridge plugs, pulling crown plugs and even releasing completions; work normally done by work-over rigs. 

Recent jobs will be reviewed:

  • Restored well barriers – Applied 45,000 lbs to clear the X-mas tree and BOP’s of a setting tool attached to a partially set 4.47” plug
  • Pulled the upper completion – Used instead of the drill string to release from the lower completion, saving about four days of rig time
  • Saved five days of rig time – Pulled 41,500 lbs to shear the release stud on a setting tool attached to a partially set plug and avoided a workover rig

The newest developments in hydraulic stroking tools provide the option that an e-line tool can replace a workover rig, promoting safety, efficiency and cost reduction. Safety benefits include reducing the need for explosives, an on-going drive in the industry, as well as reducing the overall risk at the wellsite through reduction of personnel and equipment.



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June 9: Lunch & Learn (Houston)

Lunch will be available around 11:30am with the presentation following at or around noon.  

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