Welcome to the USA Chapter of ICoTA.

ICoTA is a not-for-profit, member-funded organization with the primary objective of improving communication and promotion of technical awareness within the well intervention industry. ICoTA is the leading organization for well intervention professionals, engineers and technical experts with chapters in the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Russia and China.  The ICoTA USA Chapter covers all of the US. Its administration is located in Montgomery, Texas, just North of Houston.

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Lunch & Learn in Houston
Tuesday, December 13, 2016 

Topic: "Effective Bacteria Control Practices for Coiled Tubing Fluid"
presented by: James Fajt, Schlumberger 

The objective of this work is to both document proliferation and provide methods and procedures to control bacteria growth in the fluid used for coiled tubing. Friction reducers and gelling agents increase fluid viscosity and provide nutrients for bacteria. While biocides are used, they are rarely applied in combination with bacteria monitoring techniques. The practice of fluid reuse, slow fluid turn over, and lack of an effective bacteria monitoring and treatment procedures results in extremely high levels of bacteria in fluid used in coiled tubing operations. The result of these practices can result in a wellbore coated with an extremely viscus fluid and bacteria formations that exceed hundreds of millions of colony-forming units per milliliters. Following fracturing plug drill out, the wellbore and production string can be exposed to the high bacteria content water for hours, days, or weeks. New rapid onsite bacteria testing was used to determine bacteria concentrations in coiled-tubing fluid.

This presentation documents the development of bacteria populations and biocide application and monitoring that can measure, monitor, and control bacteria populations in the fluid used coiled tubing operations.  

Norris Conference Center
816 Town & Country Blvd #210
Houston, TX 77024

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2017 Lunch & Learn Schedule

January 10th 
Topic TBA
Norris Conference Center, Houston

February 2nd
Topic TBA
Petroleum Club, San Antonio

February 14th 
Topic TBA
Norris Conference Center, Houston

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SPE / ICoTA (USA Chapter)
Refracturing Workshop: Advancing the Learning Curve
11-12 April 2017
Archer Hotel, Austin, TX USA

Workshop agenda   |  Sponsorship Opportunities  | Training Course 

Across all oil and gas plays, the rapidly evolving approaches to completion and stimulation design and deployment have created enormous opportunities to re-enter and re-stimulate wells that were treated early in play development. With the deep and sustained reduction in oil price, refracturing creates a highly attractive opportunity for many of these wells. Subject matter experts will present case study presentations on extensive field experiences and provide technical updates on refracturing. This workshop is an opportunity to network as well as to learn the newest developments.

Topics to be covered:

  • Selection process for refracturing candidates
  • Deployment techniques and intervention requirements
  • Zonal isolation and chemical/mechanical diversion
  • Refrac design and modeling and economics
  • Future/Emerging Technologies

This event will provoke interaction; outline and summarize existing solutions and challenges; and accelerate new technologies through experiences and lessons learned.

Training Course: "Re-Fracturing: Candidate Selection & Design"
10 April 2017
Archer Hotel, Austin, TX USA

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