ICoTA Board of Directors

Aramco Todd Green Sr. Co-Chair / Executive Director
Halliburton Wireline David Larimore Jr. Co-Chair / Executive Director
Baker Hughes Stuart Murphy Treasurer / Executive Director
Executive Board of Directors
Athena Engineering Ken Newman Executive Director
HESS Alex Crabtree Executive Director
TBD   Executive Director
NOV CTES Ed Smalley Executive Director / USA Chapter Delegate
Al Mansoori Chris Kuijken Executive Director / MENA Chapter Delegate
Consultant Bill Gavin Executive Director / CN Chapter Delegate
Consultant Andrew Patterson Executive Director / EU Chapter Delegate
Board of Directors
Altus Intervention Stuart Murchie  
CNPC Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co, Ltd. Linyun Xian  
FMC Technologies Eddie Karlsen  
Global Tubing Alex Sheehan  
Halliburton Production Services Guiseppe Ambrosi  
NOV Texas Oil Tools Steve Dehotels  
NOV Quality Tubing Greg Misbach  
Premier Coil Solutions Brett Witte  
Schlumberger - Well Intervention Sascha Trummer  
Schlumberger - Wireline Matt Billingham  
Shell Joddie Carlile  
Spooltech Clint Derrick  
Statoil Alastair Buchanan  
Stewart & Stevenson Chad Joost  
Supreme Services Zeke Peak  
Tenaris Coiled Tubes Lucas Mezzano  
Thru Tubing Solutions Cody Trebing  
Weatherford International Bob Murphy  
Welltec Brian Schwanitz  
Non-Executive Directors 
Athena Engineering Ken Newman  
Consultant Andrew Patterson  
Consultant Alan Turner  
Consultant Hampton Fowler  
Chapter Directors 
USA Chapter Chairman David Traugott  
Canadian Chapter Chairman Greg Chapin  
European Chapter Chairman Steve Moir  
LatAm Chapter Chairman Miquel Di Vincenzo  

Russian Chapter Chairman

Artem Gribov  
MENA Chapter Chairman Fernando Baez  
Chinese Chapter Chairman Lei Gao  
Contact us or fill out the application if you are interested in becoming a Board of Director Member of ICoTA (Global).  To better understand the position, please read the Bylaws as well as the Board of Director Commitment Agreement and Guide for Professional Conduct.