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2016 Lunch & Learn Schedule

June 14, 2016 (Houston, TX)

June 14, 2016
"An Evolved Approach to Performing Underbalanced Perforating Interventions: A Step-Change Improvement in Efficiency, Reliability, and Safety"
Speaker: Pierre Ramondenc of Schlumberger

Norris Conference Center [map]
816 Town & Country Blvd, Houston, TX 77024 

Lunch will be available starting at 11:30am with the presentation following at or around noon.

An innovative approach to underbalanced perforating in horizontal and highly deviated wells uses a new perforating head specifically developed to leverage the conveyance and real-time telemetry capabilities of coiled tubing (CT) equipped with fiber optics. The results and advantages of this approach have been demonstrated in wells in mature Mexican fields featuring significant reach and pressure limitations.

In recent years, CT equipped with real-time fiber-optic telemetry has been a method of choice to perform interventions in deviated or horizontal wells, as it provides a cost-efficient and flexible alternative to heavier wired CT. In the Mexican fields, this real-time telemetry capability is used to accurately place the guns thanks to downhole casing collar locater and gamma ray tools. The need for pumping fluids to enable detonation, often performed during typical CT perforating operations, is eliminated through the use of a downhole microprocessor-controlled firing head, which is directed by commands sent from surface through the optical fiber.

The result is a nearly instantaneous detonation downhole and positive confirmation provided in real time through an array of sensors in the bottomhole assembly (e.g., accelerometers, pressure, and temperature). The absence of working fluid eliminates any concern of hydraulically loading the well or the need for shut-in, thus significantly reducing the extent of deferred production. It also mitigates uncertainties linked to the influence of downhole conditions on the behavior of working fluids or the potential malfunctions of drop balls. This system is capable of multizone, selective detonation, therefore improving operational flexibility through reduced gun runs. It is also compatible with any other traditional CT service and can easily be combined with a bridge plug setting, a nitrogen lift, or a cleanout within the same run. The approach and its associated workflow enabled a significant reduction in intervention turnaround time by cutting as much as 75% of the time necessary to detonate the guns once the depth has been correlated, while providing fast and clear confirmation of downhole detonation.

This evolved approach not only addresses the conveyance limitations of highly deviated and horizontal wells, it also greatly improves the safety, reliability, and efficiency of underbalanced perforating interventions by leveraging the real-time downhole monitoring and control capabilities of CT with fiber optic telemetry.

More about our Speaker
Pierre Ramondenc is the Well Intervention Domain Manager for Schlumberger Well Services. He is involved in the diagnostics and evaluation of real-time point and distributed measurements delivered through Coiled Tubing real-time fiber-optic. He is also in charge of developing new applications and solutions leveraging coiled tubing conveyance. Previously, Pierre held the Intervention Diagnostics Domain Champion position in Mexico and Central America. He joined Schlumberger in 2007 in Sugar Land (Texas, USA) as a modeling and simulation engineer responsible for the development of interpretation models of real-time downhole and distributed data, as well as for the design and evaluation of acidizing interventions. Pierre holds a Master’s and a PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as a Civil Engineering degree from the Ecole des Mines (France).


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Lunch will be available starting at 11:30am with the presentation following at or around noon.  

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