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At these regular monthly events, networking and lunch are followed by a concise, topical technical presentation. With an emphasis on case studies, this bite-size event consistently provides members and their guests with a look at the latest and greatest that the industry has achieved.

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We’re starting an offshore section of the ICOTA USA chapter. This section is going to focus on all types of intervention work being performed in the Gulf of Mexico, from new deep water subsea completions to P & A work on the shelf. The goal is to bring to light the existing and new challenges of today’s offshore well intervention industry and help solve these issues by improving communication and promoting technical awareness.

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2015 Lunch & Learn Schedule

August 11, 2015 (Houston, TX)

TOPIC: Benefits of Remote Activation and New Downhole Tool for Pinpoint Coiled Tubing Stimulation Technology (SPE 173654)
Speaker: Bharat Pawar, Halliburton (Speaker Bio)

Norris Conference Center  [driving directions] and [detailed map]
816 Town & Country Blvd
Houston, Texas

The global demand for energy has led to an industry focused on increasing process efficiency with respect to innovative techniques for hydraulic fracturing stimulation. One such innovative process is coiled tubing (CT) deployed pinpoint stimulation. Pinpoint multistage fracturing with hydrajetting perforation technique is a solution that enables fracture placement in virtually an unlimited number of fracturing stages in long lateral sections, with a single trip into the wellbore. The evolution of pinpoint stimulation technology and its benefits have been recognized in many papers published along the years.

In some variations of the pinpoint stimulation technique, the bottomhole assembly (BHA) is activated by ball drop and reverse circulation of the ball. This process has been improved with a new generation design of the BHA, which renders the operation capable of being entirely controlled remotely from the surface using movement of the CT string. The ball drop activation is eliminated. This allows real-time, on-demand control of the tool setting. Based on traditional proven pinpoint solutions and adopting this new way of well stimulation, the pinpoint multistage fracturing method has become more efficient. This improved BHA, in conjunction with a proprietary pinpoint stimulation process, can help reduce water consumption on location and horsepower requirements, reduce idle time between fracturing treatments, reduce pump time per stage, and help prevent ball drop difficulties, all without having to make changes to the fracturing spread, equipment, and CT on location.

The improved BHA enables hydrajet perforation, hydraulic fracturing using real-time downhole proppant concentration control, and proppant plugs to be set for zonal isolation. Additionally, multicycle sequences can be repeated in long lateral and vertical wells. It also helps assist centralization of the BHA during perforating operations to help maintain appropriate jet standoff distance.

This paper presents the development approach of the aforementioned improved BHA, and a means to manipulate it from the surface. Validation during field testing is also outlined.



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Aug 11: Lunch & Learn (Houston)

Lunch will be available around 11:30am with the presentation following at or around noon.  

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